Find Your Park


The Goal

Despite strict site requirements and a quick turnaround, I was asked to design a responsive microsite for a National Park Foundation campaign that encourages young adults to "Find Your Park."

The User

They are Millennials and doesn't visit national parks often. They think they are only outdoor green spaces.

They likely landed on the site from online paid media or decided to visit after seeing a TV commercial.

They're curious and wants to discover new parks, but doesn't have a trip in mind. They're just casually browsing.

The Solution

The initial design

Although the user interface is simple and the imagery is beautiful, the separation of tools made searching repetitive. Because of this, I redesigned the site to act more as a tool to help users find their park. The new site focuses less on the campaign message but still encourages users to spread the word.

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Search for parks

Because the users attention span is limited, searching needs to be simple and quick. The redesigned site simplifies the searching experience by consolidating experiences, events, parks near you, park stories and news into one tool.

Get suggestions

The user isn't actively searching, so the site provides search suggestions based on interest, popularity and location to help them get started.

Narrowing options

Sorting suggestions by most recent, most popular and most relevant and filtering content by type helps users find what they want.

Find parks near you

The user likely doesn't have trips planned, so providing location-based results encourages spontaneous visits to local parks.

Share suggestions

The user loves to share and get recommendations from their peers. User-submitted activity suggestions keeps content fresh, provides authentic first-hand experiences and builds a community of park lovers.

Go visit

They are passively browsing, so providing park location, open hours and cost of entry makes it easy for them to plan spontaneous trips. Links to the website and the ability to message users provides access to more information.