The Goal

Improve acquisition and retention for the subscription-based online learning marketplace, Skillfeed.

The User

They are Millenials, Gen Xers, and Boomers interested in learning new skills – often for work.

They are goal-oriented and look for guidance.

They watch on the computer as they work, but sometimes watch on their mobile device during their commute.

Set a goal

To help these goal-oriented users track their progress, videos are grouped into collections that relate to the completion of a project or goal (i.e. how to create a website). Goal-oriented resources, like challenges, contests and badges, also help gamify content to keep users engaged. And to help guide users through the experience, collections are curated by Skillfeed and the instructors.

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Get personal

For a more personalized acquisition experience, search engines send users directly to content related to their search. When users are not signed in, each collection landing page provides a summary of Skillfeed's benefits to entice users to join.

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