The Goal

Create an app that helps people track, discover and watch TV from anywhere.

The User

She is a Millennial.

She watches many TV shows and struggles to keep track of her progress.

She binge watches shows and always looks for new ones to add to her collection.

She has a busy schedule, but watches in between her appointments, usually on-demand. When she is invested in a show and has time, she watches live.

She prefers watching on a big screen, usually on her smart TV through an apple TV or chromecast connection. When her TV is unavailable, she watches on her computer or smartphone.

The Solution

Track shows

Her schedule is unpredictable, so she often binge watches her shows on-demand. When she is invested in a show, she likes to watch the latest episodes immediately. Because she watches live and on-demand content, the tracker displays both. Live episodes only appear when she is caught up with the series. And because live content is time sensitive, it's the first thing she sees when she opens the app. To help her binge watch, all episodes in her tracker continue where she left off and her most recently watched shows are listed first.

Manage time

Because of her schedule, she likes to manage her time before she binge watches. The app displays the number of episodes she missed so she can estimate the amount of time it will take to finish.

Organize shows

She's interested in many shows, but doesn't have time to watch them all at once. She also likes to provide recommendations to others, but finds it difficult to remember everything she's seen. Four pre-installed lists – Watching, For Later, Archived and Favorites – help her organize her shows. She can also create, share and follow lists from others in the community.

Plan ahead and look back

When she is invested in a show, she likes to watch new episodes as soon as they are released. To help her plan ahead, the calendar displays episodes by release date. And the number of missed episodes helps her determine if she's up-to-date.

Find new content

Although she often watches alone, TV is a social event for her and she uses it as a conversation starter. She knows what she likes to watch and loves to give and get recommendations from friends. The app provides social and personalized recommendations. Help her find anything she wants with access to the entire database, and make it easy for her to find exactly what she's looking for with filters.

Learn more about shows

She believes TV is social and likes to keep up with entertainment news. The app displays friends who watched the episode and reviews. She can also stay in touch with the industry by reading about the cast & crew, show-related news and trivia.

Watch anywhere

She has a busy schedule and watches when she can, which can be at home or on the go. But, she prefers watching on a big screen. With the app, she can watch from anywhere. To help her watch on a big screen, she can use tools she's familiar with, like Apple Airplay or Google Cast.

Perform tasks quickly

She watches many shows and will be using the app regularly. Gesture shortcuts help her perform frequent tasks quickly.

Find watchable content easily

Images help separate watched content from unwatched content. Episodes with stills are available to watch now. Episodes without stills either haven't aired yet or were already completed.