The Goal

Simplify the TV discovery and viewing process.

The User

  • Millennial
  • Binge watches and hates spoilers
  • Has a busy schedule and watches when she has time—usually on-demand
  • Watches many TV shows, but is always looking for new content

The Solution


Hide unseen content to protect storylines


Tailor to users' schedules


Track interests and connections to provide personalized recommendations

Hiding unseen content to protect storylines

Live episodes only appear when users are caught up with a series. Since this content is time-sensitive, it's the first thing visible on load.

Recently watched shows are listed first to continue storylines.

All episodes in the tracker continue where the user left off.

Image stills help users find content to watch quickly. Episodes without stills either haven't aired or were watched in full.

The release calendar lists the number of missed episodes to help users determine if they're up-to-date.

Tailoring to users' schedules

The number of episodes left helps users determine if they have time to continue.

Watch anywhere using a mobile device on-the-go or connect to a bigger screen with Apple Airplay or Google Cast.

Gesture shortcuts
help users access and track content quickly.



Providing personalized recommendations

Lists help users organize their shows and provide more data for personalized recommendations. The app starts with 4 recommended lists: Watching, For Later, Archived and Favorites.

Social and personalized recommendations help users find new content.

Access to the complete database with filters to narrow results gives users complete control to find exactly what they want.

The system uses genre, friends who watch and similar shows to determine if content is right for users. Users can also access this information to determine for themselves.