The Goal

Help YouTube users find and watch interesting videos.

The User

She is a Millennial.

She uses YouTube to find and watch interesting videos to pass the time.

She subscribes to many content creators.

She is on YouTube almost every day and watches while commuting to and from work, during lunch, on down time and at night in bed.

She uses her computer to watch her subscriptions and her phone to watch on the go and late at night in bed. Sometimes she watches on her TV using an Apple TV or chromecast connection.

The Solution

Discover new content

She finds Youtube's video suggestions limited and repetitive, but doesn't know how to find new content. Now there's a new destination dedicated to helping her to find new content. The content is organized by popularity so the best content is front and center. She can also filter by subject to find content she's interested in.

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Get subscription alerts

Because she is on YouTube often, she runs of out of her favorite content to watch – her subscriptions. New alerts will inform her when her subscriptions uploaded something new.

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Browse while watching

She has a short attention span and browses for content while watching videos. Now, on desktop, a side panel helps her browse from any page without having to open new browser tabs.

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Socialize while watching

She likes to read others' reactions to videos. But, when she is invested in a video, she likes to watch with no distractions. Now, on desktop, comments are placed beside each video in a closeable tab so she can choose when to read and watch at the same time.

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Create a subscriptions to-do list

She likes most of the content her subscriptions produce, but she isn't interested in everything. Now, she can use her subscriptions feed as a to-do list by hiding videos and filtering content by channel.

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Perform tasks quickly

She's a frequent YouTube user and performs certain tasks regularly – like adding a video to her queue or playlist. Now, gesture shortcuts on touch devices help her perform frequent tasks quickly.

An improved user interface

Larger imagery reduces information on screen and makes content easier to find.

A darker color scheme draws users’ eyes to the brightest content – the videos.

Accents of red draw attention to important navigational elements, including CTAs.

Page transitions help the user remember what they clicked on and where they are headed.

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