The Goal

Help YouTube users find and watch videos.

The User

  • Millennial
  • Subscribes to many content creators
  • Binge watches content
  • Short attention span

The Strategy


Create easy access to subscriptions and queue


Enable multitasking


Provide more access to new content

The Solution

Creating easy access to subscriptions and queue

Most YouTube users are viewers rather than content creators. By developing two separate apps for viewers and creators, the main app's navigation can be simplified into three main areas:

(1) Browse (2) Search (3) Queue


Everything is accessible from the bottom of the screen to help users navigate with one hand. Elements placed higher on screen are accessible via swiping.


Play video

Play video

Gesture shortcuts on touch devices provide quick access to tasks like adding videos to your queue or playlist.


Use the subscriptions feed as a to-do list by hiding videos users aren't interested in and filtering content by channel.


Play video

Enabling multitasking

On desktop, the side panel gives users quick access to their queue, subscriptions and playlists, so they can browse content while watching videos.

Play video

Play video

Comments are placed beside each video in a closeable tab so users can choose if and when they want to read and watch at the same time.

Play video

Play video

Accessing new content

To find the best new content, users can browse the top charts by popularity and filter by interest.


Users can select to get optional alerts that let them know immediately when their subscriptions upload something new.

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An improved user interface

Larger imagery reduces content on screen and makes the page more scannable.

A darker color scheme draws users’ eyes to the brightest content – the videos.

Accents of red draw attention to important navigational elements — like CTAs.

Page transitions help the user remember what they clicked on and where they are headed.