Alana Leshno

Digital Experience Design


Simplifying the TV discovery and viewing process


As an avid TV watcher, I was frustrated with my TV experience. I saw a opportunity to create a product that simplifies the TV discovery and viewing processes.


Product Designer (Personal Project)

Tools Used

Omnigraffle | Photoshop | After Effects



User interviews

Understanding behavior and needs

First, I interviewed TV lovers to get a better understanding of their TV habits and needs:

  • Busy, working people.
  • Watch in their downtime to relax.
  • Follow many shows and have trouble mentally remembering where they left off for each.
  • Hate spoilers.
  • Tend to binge-watch and mostly watch on demand, but watch live if it fits in their schedule.
  • Love to find new content—even if they don't have time to watch at the moment.


Establishing the goals & requirements

Based on the insights, I determined the project goals and requirements.


  • Help track shows and show progress to help these busy people organize their many shows.
  • Create a personalized calendar to keep them up-to-date on when their favorite shows are available.
  • Provide recommendations to other shows they may enjoy.


  • Make sure unseen content is hidden.
  • Work around their busy schedules.
  • Provide access to on-demand and live content.
  • Be binge-watch friendly.

Design Process


I used the goals as the base for the navigation and created 3 main sections—Tracker, Calendar and Browse.

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Sketch & Wireframe

With the structure in place, I designed additional features based on the user insights and requirements. I mapped it out with sketches and wireframes.

Early sketches

Click to zoom wireframes

The Solution