The Process

This is a personal project. The following work was completed in 4 weeks.
🔬 Research
🎯 Project Brief
💭 Design & Test
⛳️ The Solution
🔄 Refine (next steps)

🔬 Research

Explore the prioritization process

🎯 Project Brief

💭 Design & Test

⛳️ The Solution

Explore the testing results

🔄 Next steps

Minor fixes:
  • Refine UI
  • A/B test calculate language—"Calculate amount" vs. equation
  • A/B test transactions language—"Transactions" vs. "My Venmo" vs. "My Activity"
  • QR Code—Make QR Code feature clearer
  • Tagging People—Add person icon to tag
  • Each vs. Total—Can I put in in different amounts for each of them?
  • Selective Requesting/Payment—Calculate the bill with everyone at the table and then select who you want to request/pay
  • Split—When changing the split number ask to add the additional people
Nice to have:
  • Due Date—Add a due date
  • Drag & Drop—Ability to drag people on scan receipt

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