Making it easier to find and watch video content

I challenged myself to improve a popular product I use daily. This case study examines my process to help users find, gather and organize videos to watch on YouTube.

Role: Product Designer (Personal Project)

The Process

πŸ”¬ Research
🎯 Project Brief
πŸ’­ Design
⛳️ The Solution

πŸ”¬ Research

I interviewed YouTube users to understand why and how they use YouTube.
Key insights:
  • Users want an easier way to gather and organize videos they want to watch. Although Watch Later is an existing feature, most users do not know about it or use it.
  • They have short attention spans and like to read comments while watching videos, as well as, watch videos while looking for others.
  • They love to find new content and usually discover it in their recommendations. But, when they want to browse what's most popular, users find that the current trending page doesn't have interesting content for them.

🎯 Project Brief

Design solutions to accomodate short attention spans


πŸ’­ Design

Early Sketches
Early Wireframes

⛳️ The Solution

Updated navigation provides a more prominent queue

Using a different color header to separate Browse and Queue functions helps users quickly identify which content they are viewing.

Navigation on the bottom of the screen allows for easier access on larger mobile devices.

Elements placed higher on screen are accessible via swiping for easy access on larger phones.

Closeable panels offer flexibility to stay focused or multitask

Adjust your queue while watching videos

Choose when to read and watch at the same time

More control over content recommendations

Turning the subscriptions feed into a to-do list provides the ability to hide videos you aren't interested in and filter content by channel.
Channel and category filters help users focus on content they find interesting.

Design system improvements

Larger imagery reduces content on screen and makes the page more scannable.
A darker color scheme draws users’ eyes to the brightest content – the videos.
Accents of red draw attention to important navigational elements β€” like CTAs.
Page transitions help the user remember what they clicked on and where they are headed.

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